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LAPD SWAT "Stay Frosty" Jaime Rubalcava tshirt
LAPD SWAT "Stay Frosty" Jaime Rubalcava tshirt
  SUREFIRE X300 LED Handgun/Long Gun WeaponLight
SUREFIRE X300 LED Handgun/Long Gun WeaponLight

Welcome to Flashbang CorporationOur goal is to provide quality products to civilians and service members alike. We specialize in tactical gear, using our inside knowledge of the trade to provide the best service possible to our customers.  After spending 18 years in the field as law enforcement, we decided it was time to build a network for ourselves and our peers that would provide the best products at low prices.


FlashBang proudly supports our friends and co-workers of the LAPD SWAT Team.  Soon, you will be able to purchase LAPD SWAT swag, in order to support expenses for training and equipment, otherwise not covered due to budget constraints.  Check back soon.

A unique part of our business is also our specialization in custom earplugs. Our earplugs are great to take to the shooting range and are some of the best on the market. Custom earplugs can be used for swimming, listening to music, riding motorcycles and much more. Our ear plugs are custom fit by one of our highly qualified technicians and they come with a money back guarantee. These earplugs will be formed to your ear, giving you the highest level of protection but also comfort. 



Flashbang Gear offers customers tactical supplies that can meet any of your needs, whether you are shopping as a member of law enforcement, military, security or as a civilian. We carry a wide variety of products including airguns, knives, scopes, tactical flashlights and more. Our shooting accessories inlcuding holsters, range bags and more can be utilized as home security equipment or for tactical purposes. Flashbang Gear also carries tactical clothing, including gloves, belts and vests. 





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